The center offers a variety of programs and activities ranging from one-year diploma degrees and programs to crash courses and workshops in the various fields of interest. A major concern of the Center is to conduct and publish scientific studies regarding the Jordanian community as well as organizing seminars and conferences of relevance to the objectives of the Center. 


The Center seeks to provide quality training, consultations, and research services to local community members, regional customers in different fields and issues of concern for both local community members, and Arab customers. The Center has been looking forward to provide the best services offering technical and academic skills and expertise for customers through complete employment of facilities and capabilities as well as the optimum use of human and financial resources available. Furthermore, the Center is concerned in studying different strategic issues challenging the Jordanian community and identifying emerging political, economic, or social impediments and, accordingly, suggesting workable solutions.

The Center provides technical consultations that meet different community needs. It also provides services to both public and private institutional customers in Jordan in addition to those abroad. All these services are subject to compliance with international accreditation standards for every program offered in order to accomplish a top-notched level of efficiency and effectiveness.


Our Goals Are Best Represented By:

  1. Replacing imported foreign expertise with National experts who have Multifarious and integrated scientific expertise.
  2. Providing consultations to all governmental and private sectors on both National and Arab levels in the fields of nursing, pharmacy, administration, finance, economy, law, computer and information technology.
  3. Preparing the necessary scientific studies for both the state and private sectors on National and Arab levels in various fields.
  4. Providing technical services for public and private institutions.

For more information,contact us 250,435,508 .