Towards a distinguished center of E-Learning


The successful implementation of an E-Learning system and the development of course contents for all disciplines at the university, along with gradual movements toward blended learning and open educational resources. In addition, providing continuous training and support to faculty members and students.


  1. Developing and managing E-Learning systems at the university.
  2. Preparing and managing E-Exams at the university.
  3. Creating and developing high-quality online courses.
  4. Raising awareness of E-Learning and open educational resources through seminars and workshops at the university.
  5. Providing continuous training and technical support for faculty members and students to benefit from the services provided by the E-Learning and Open Educational Resources Center.
  6. Providing synchronous and asynchronous broadcasting technologies for lectures.
  7. Local and international cooperation with organizations and bodies working in the fields of E-Learning and distance learning.
  8. Providing an electronic library for open educational resources.