1.1       Mission and Vision

The Research and Enterprise Office (REO) within Alzaytoonah University of Jordan (ZUJ) is responsible for the protection, management and commercialization of the ZUJ’s intellectual property assets. Moreover, it helps commercialize new university technologies. The REO also provides advice to ZUJ faculty, staff and graduate students regarding the disclosure of innovations, IP protection in the form of patents, copyrights, trademarks, as well as contracts and other research-related agreements. The REO assists with the growth of new businesses by providing consulting and training in areas such as business strategy and planning, funding strategy, team development, and management skill development[http://www.udel.edu/oeip/tech-transfer/].

Our mission is to promote and facilitate the commercialization of ZUJ technologies for the benefit of the public and the university.

 The ultimate functions of REO are:

  •      Identify and evaluate new technologies and evaluating research results in regard to potential commercialization  
  •      Market those technologies to companies that are well positioned to bring them to the marketplace
  •      Advising on IP protection, filing and prosecuting patent applications
  •      Assisting in funding issues
  •      Conducting feasibility studies