Al Zaytoonah University was established in 1993 and it obtained the license and general accreditation on 6th September 1993 according to the decision of the Higher Education Council No. (848) on 6th September 1993. Since its foundation, it attempts to prepare the student scientifically and morally to be able to rebound his responsibility in serving his homeland and nation. 

Al Zaytoonah University of Jordan started its distinctive procession by its location and building. It is distinguished by its overlooking location and its distinctive buildings having the beautiful geometrical nature. Then that distinction expanded to reach the basic facilities and scientific equipments. The University takes great care of the basic facilities especially its Library which is considered to be one of its main features; in addition to the scientific laboratories that include modern equipments and scientific tools. The University also selects its academic and administrative cadres carefully; proceeding to its pioneering educational philosophy that focuses on providing a distinctive University teaching to the student according to his/her personal capabilities and creative abilities in the specializations available at the University.