Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

A- Mechanisms for applying of quality standards in

– Educational Institutions.

– Academic programs (Bachelor).

– The field of scientific research.

– The field of community service.

– Graduate programs.


B- Quality management in Higher education

– The use of International quality management models.

– Developing models of quality management

– Strategic planning.

– The location of quality assurance units and  roles.

– Notable experiences in the application of quality management systems.


C- Quality standards for classification and ranking  of academic institutions

– International quality standards for classification.

– Arabic quality standards for classification.

– Models of standardization of Arabic classification.

– Principles related to licensing, accreditation and classification criteria.

– Notable experiences in applying  classification.


D- Internal and external evaluation of Universities

– Planning for Audits.

– Quality tools in data measurement.

– Quality tools in data analysis.

– Ladder ratings for quality standards.

– Notable experiences in Internal and external evaluation.