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To achieve the University’s vision and mission, the strategic plan is based on a group of goals and objectives to be achieved as follows:

Provide advanced learning environment, and adopt the lesson plans to serve the needs of society and help in the academic progress. First goal
Preparing capable and qualified expertise, in the specialized accredited areas of study at the University.
Second goal
Motivate and support students to learn, progress, research, produce, and work in a team. In addition, help the students to contribute and interact with local community. Third goal
Encourage scientific research and support scientific and practical studies in various fields to meet the needs of the local community. Fourth goal
Promote e-learning, and develop methods and teaching aids, and interest in teaching and learning using modern technological sources.. Fifth goal
Linking the administrative and the academic staff in a process that serves the learning process. Sixth goal
endorse Multiculturalism. Seventh goal