1- All posters must be displayed for poster section. Authors must spend one hour at the poster to answer questions and/or participate in discussions.

2- Bring only items, which can be mounted, on poster board (Size of the board: 1m wide and 1.5 m height) that will be available. No electrical projection capabilities will be available.

3- All items for posting must be prepared in advance. Graphic supplies will not be available.

4- Numbers for mounting in the upper corner of each poster board will be supplied by ZTIPC. This number corresponds with the number assigned to each paper in the program book.

Content of Presentations:

Keep the oral information content to a minimum so you need to “relay” very little. Depend on your visual aids rather than giving an oral presentation.

1- Each poster should have

a. Title page (or large card) in bold print listing PAPER TITLE and NAME(S) of AUTHOR(S).

b. Poster also should include Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion/Conclusions/Significance-but the information needs to be presented in much less space than you would get in a journal


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