University tops Jordanian universities in the creativity forum

    Al-Zaytoonah University achieved first place over a number of submitted research papers at the 17th creative forum. The forum was ...
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University students receive trainees at universities in Arab countries

Trainee students of Al-Zaytoonah University completed their training run by the Arab Council for the training of Arab university students, ...
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A seminar for students of management information systems at the university

  The department of Management Information Systems at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences held a seminar attended by new ...
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The fifth Pharmaceutical Conference Under the patronage of his Excellency Dr. Ali Hyassat

With many scholars from local, Arab and foreign countries, Dr. Ali Hyassat, the Health minster opened the fifth pharmaceutical international ...
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The Health Center continues its community services

  The university health center received 177 patients on Saturday 17/10/2015 with most cases suffering from Respiratory tract infections and digestive ...
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Blood Donation Campaign at the University

A campaign organized by the health center for blood donation witnessed a great turn out by Al-Zaytoonah students. Dr. Abdul Karim ...
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HE MP Ahmad Tibi lectures at the university

The university hosts His Excellency the Arab Member of Parliament Ahmad Tibi. Tibi will give a lecture titled “General Political ...
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Blood Donation campaign

  The University will start a campaign for blood donation on Sunday 25/10/2015 in collaboration with the National Blood Bank. Anyone ...
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The Deanship of Students Affairs celebrates new students

    The Deanship will celebrate the attendance of new accepted students, Thursday at the University on the 29/10/2015 at 11 AM ...
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Students Book Swapping at Al-Zaytoonah University

  At the start of the academic year the Deanship of Students Affairs and in collaboration with the student council launched ...
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Under the patronage of his Excellency Dr. Ali Hyassat –Minister of Health Care

It is a great honor for His Excellency the President, Professor Turki Obaidat to invite to attend the opening ceremony ...
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Grand Mufti of the Kingdom at the university

In remembrance and celebration of the Honorable Immigration of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon Him), the University hosts the Grand ...
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Sustainability and Competitiveness in Business (SICB)

the 15th International Conference on Sustainability and competitiveness in Business (SICB) that is to be held in Amman

Scopus Database

Scopus Database , Sci – Econlit – Ebsco  Read More .. 

Competences Exam 2014 2015

Competences Exam 2014 2015 …Read more

ZTIPC 2015 Conference

Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan and the University of Toledo International Pharmaceutical Conference...Read more

TEJ 2015 Workshop

TEJ 2015 Workshop …Read more

innovation Management in Business 2015

innovation Management in Business …Read more

ICIT Conference 2015

The 6th International Conference on Information Technology ICIT 2013 Read more

Graphic Design Conference

Graphic Design Conference…Read more

Multicultural in Language and Literature

Multicultural in Language and Literature…Read more

Al-Zaytoonah held the First Short

Under the patronage of Her Excellency the Minister of Culture Lana Mamkeg, Al-Zaytoonah University…Read more

Al-Zaytoonah held a workshop

In collaboration with World Intellectual property Organization and National Library Department…Read more

A Lecture about Youth

In collaboration with Sisterhood is Global institute/Jordan and the Association of American Lawyers…Read more

The Third Conference in Quality Assurance

The International Arab Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education…Read more


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The Scientific Society of Arab Nursing Faculties

تأسست الجمعية عام 1998 بمبادرة من جامعة الزيتونة وتضم الجامعة الآن الأمانة العامة للجمعية، ومنذ ذلك العام وهي تعمل في مختلف النشاطات التي تهم علم التمريض والنهوض بالجوانب الأكاديمية والعملية والعلمية وتضم الجمعية الآن ما يزيد عن 80 كلية، وقد تأسست لجان تابعة للجمعيةVisit Site

الدورات التدريبية

أنشئ مركزالدراسات والاستشارات وخدمة المجتمع في جامعة الزيتونة عام (2000م) ليكون داعماً للجامعة في تنفيذ رؤيتها ورسالتها على المستويين المحلي والعربي, بهدف توجيه إمكانات الجامعة العلمية والبشرية والمادية واستثمارها, للإسهام في تنمية المجتمع, ويعقد هذا المركز دورات متخصصة لخدمة المجتمع المحلي وتأهيل الراغبين من أبنائه وتطويرهم من خلال البرامج التدريبية التي يعقدها داخل حرم الجامعة التي تتناسب وتتواءم مع التطور العلمي، والتكنولوجي يتخللها نشاطات لامنهجية تهدف إلى صقل شخصية المتدربين وتطوير قدراتهم من خلال ترتيب زيارات علمية إلى المستشفيات والشركات الإلكترونية والمواقع السياحية/الأثرية كلٌ حسب اختصاصه, وذلك لربط الجوانب النظرية بالجانب العملي. حتى يتمكن من رفد الوطن بكوكبة تلو الأخرى من أبنائه المعدين إعداداً جيداً المسلحين بكفاءات ومهارات تؤهلهم لخوض غمار الحياة.

إضغط هنا للإشتراك

Deanship of Students Affairs

Deanship of Student Affairs is concerned with extra-curricula activities deemed an essential requirement for students preparation and complementary to other cognitive aspects provided by the University . Accordingly , the Deanship offers services needed by the students throughout their academic life in the University , in addition to the means and potentials , which would help them exercise these activities in all cultural , art , sport and social domains . Thus , the Deanship creates the most appropriate conditions and implements the University philosophy of refining the students character behavioristically , educationally and cognitively besides enabling him / her participate in any worth while work and prepare him / her for active participation after graduation . To carry out the above-mentioned goals , the Deanship has set the following sections and units to extend services needed by students . Read more