The establishment of the Faculty of Nursing, AL-Zaytoonah University was in the beginning of the academic year 1993 / 1994 in response to the needs of the Jordanian society to nurses at a high level of knowledge and science as well as technical skills necessary to cope with rapid changes in the health field, whether at the local level, regional or International. In 1996 the faculty was accredited according to the faculties’ accreditation standards. Students enrolled in the faculty are the secondary school graduates (scientific section or nursing), students who hold a diploma in nursing or a three-year participant. (bridging program)
Graduates obtain the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing after completing (132) credit hours taught mostly in English. The various courses in the faculty curriculum taught nursing, medical and humanitarian to help graduates to practice the nursing profession in all health sectors in Jordan and abroad
Within the pursuit of the faculty to upgrade the level of the program curriculum and the scientific research as well as the faculty members, the faculty has scholarship activities, which help lots of excellent students to complete their higher studies for master and doctoral degrees in various disciplines of nursing at several prestigious Universities in many countries, such as: United States of America, Britain, Australia and other countries.
Confirmation of the pursuit of the faculty and the faculty members to bridge the gap between faculty study and labor market requirements of trained staff capable of carrying the burden of the next stage. The faculty has established a quality assurance unit to embrace standards of academic quality in the learning environment and seeks national and international accreditation.
From the keenness of the. Faculty of Nursing to establish bonds of cooperation between the faculties of nursing in the Arab region, so it has hosted the permanent headquarters of the Arab Nursing Faculties providing a permanent home, as well as administrators represented by the Secretary-General and the administrator for the Office of the Assembly.
The faculty of Nursing continues its progress in the educational process. In 2014-2015, the Faculty of Nursing has developed a Master’s Program in Clinical / Adult Nursing. In 2015/2016 a training diploma was developed in heart disease.
In 2017, the Faculty of Nursing received the Quality Assurance Certificate for its programs issued by the Higher Education Accreditation Authority and it’s quality assurance as the first nursing faculty in the Kingdom to obtain this certificate.