Quality Assurance (Q.A.)


The Quality Assurance office of the collage of Nursing was established to coincide with the launching of the Quality Assurance program which was adopted by the University at the beginning of 2011. The office was set up and was provided with the communication equipment and means of saving and processing. It was linked to the University’s internal network to be the head quarter for keeping and documenting files of quality insurance at the collage.

 A number of the staff was designated manager of the office. He was chosen on the basis of distinction among other staff members.

 The office represents a link between the committee in charge of the Q.A at the collage and other academic departments, juridical councils working committees and all non-academic staff. The office endeavors to follow up the file of quality. At the collage by means of keeping documents , records of measurement and forms issued and distributed to all those concerned according to specialization and work of each of them.

§ Tasks of Q.A. office at the Nursing Collage

1.     Preparing a quality directing and measures, forms, and the documentation of files and forms of the Q.A. system.

2.     Following up the proper use of measures and forms, ensuring the validity of measures and function and the good                       quality of results of the collage. Moreover the office carried out systematic checking of working staff, councils,                             managing offices and all committees.

3.     Carrying out internal scrutiny of the various departments of the collage and its working staff to detect cares of                             compatibility to eliminate them

4.     Active participation in the meeting of the committee in charge of quality assurance at the collage, documenting                           its meeting, following up its resolutions, and submitting periodic reports to it .

5.     Effectively participating in the meeting of the executive committee to guarantee academic quality in the University                       , receiving directions and instructions from it , submitting periodic reports to it , cooperating with in following up the                     application of systems directives and quality criteria applied at the University to all that is issued by it in terms of direction ,         decisions and work guidelines.

6.     Endeavoring to disseminate quality culture in the collage and at the University at the large by holding meetings,                         seminars, periodic research work, engaging in workshops and meetings on quality inside and outside the                                   University.

7.     Supervising and monitoring all wall bulletins, publications and brochures on the adoption of quality system in               the           collage and ensuring the public and unequivocal declaration of the collage vision and mission to all the staff           and               students.

8.   Consistently and periodically working on opinion polling specialists working staff and teaching staff members in         the             collage its students and local social groups on the systematic scientific and extra – curriculum measures                                     implemented by the  collage.

 § Achievements of the Collage of Nursing in Q.A . Field

1.     Declaring the quality policy for the Collage of Nursing initiated by the quality policy of the University of Al-                                   Zaytoonah

2.     Adopting Q.A. measures as periodical for by Q.A.O. to comply with the regularities’ of the collage of Nursing .

3.     Applying the Q.A. measures.

4.     Promoting the education of the quality in the collage of nursing by holding conferences and workshops for the                             teaching staff and workers in the collage .

5.     Adopting forms of practical training procedures to fit the requirements of the quality system .

6.     Continued uploading of the performance of  those who work in the filed of Q.A. in the collage .

7.     Activating collective work among both the teaching staff and the workers in the collage .

8.     Supervising the performance of the committees and workers in the collage of nursing in terms of applying Q.A.                           Measures.

9.     Keeping and monitoring doc, and records.

10.  Monitoring the level achievement attained in the filed of the Q.A. in the collage

§ Members of Q.A. committee in the collage of Nursing

  1. Dr. Dalal Bashir
  2. Dr. Mahmoud Al- kalaldeh
  3. Dr. Ayman Bani Salameh
  4. Malaka Zuhdi


To contact us

Dr Dalal AL-Bashir 

Address of the Q.A.O : Alzaytoonah Private University of Jordan . Collage of Nursing

Phone : + 962 – 6 – 4291511       / extension (293)

Fax  + 962 – 6- 4291432

E. mail  ( d.yehya@zuj.edu.jo)