Quality Assurance (Q.A)

Definition of Quality Assurance Office at the Faculty of Nursing

The Quality Assurance Office was established at the Faculty of Nursing in parallel with the start of the quality assurance approach adopted by the University in early 2011. The Office was prepared and equipped with the necessary communication equipment and means of preservation and treatment. The Dean’s Assistant for Quality Assurance and members of the faculty were selected for their activities and assignments.
The office represents a link between the committee in charge of the Q.A at the faculty and other academic departments, juridical councils working committees and all non-academic staff. The office endeavors to follow up on the file of quality. At the faculty by means of keeping documents, records of measurement and forms issued and distributed to all those concerned according to specialization and work of each of them.

Tasks of Q.A. Office at the Faculty of Nursing

  • Preparing the quality guide for the faculty, procedures, forms, and documentation of the quality assurance system and documenting it, distributing it to all working staff in the faculty, and continuing work on developing and updating it. Follow up the good use of procedures and forms, ensure the effectiveness of procedures, good performance and quality of the results in the faculty and carry out periodic audits of working staff and councils, departments and committees.
  • Carrying out internal scrutiny of the various departments of the faculty and its working staff to detect care of compatibility to eliminate them.
  • Effective participation in the meetings of the committee responsible for ensuring the quality of the college, documenting its meetings, following up on its decisions, and submitting periodic reports.
  • Active participation in the meeting of the committee in charge of quality assurance at the faculty, documenting its meeting, following up its resolutions, and submitting periodic reports to it.
  • Working on disseminating the culture of quality in the faculty for working staff and students through meetings, seminars, and periodic studies, and participating in workshops and meetings of quality within and outside the university.
  • Supervising and monitoring all wall bulletins, publications and brochures on the adoption of the quality system in the faculty and ensuring the public and unequivocal
    declaration of the faculty vision and mission to all the staff and students.
  • Consistently and periodically working on opinion polling specialists working staff and teaching staff members in the faculty its students and local social groups on the
  • systematic scientific and extra – curriculum measures implemented by the faculty.

Achievements of the Faculty of Nursing in Quality Assurance Field

  • The faculty obtained the certificate of quality assurance of higher education institutions issued by the Higher Education Accrediting Authority in 2017.
  • Announcement of quality policy of the Faculty of Nursing emanating from the quality policy of the Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan.
  • Modifying quality assurance procedures from the quality assurance office in accordance with the privacy of the nursing faculty.
  • Applying quality assurance procedures in all operations conducted by the faculty.
  • Inculcating and disseminating the culture of quality in the Faculty of Nursing by holding lectures and workshops for faculty members, employees and students at the faculty.
  • Disseminating the culture of quality to students.
  • Modifying the forms of training courses in accordance with the requirements of the quality system.
  • Continuing Improvement of Nursing Staff in the Field of Quality.
  • Saving and adjusting documents and records.
  • Monitoring the level of achievement achieved in the field of quality assurance within the Faculty of Nursing and the continuity of work in the system.
  • Participating in qualifying students for the university competency examination.
  • Attending the meetings of the Office of Accreditation and Quality Assurance.
  • Contribution to university classification requirements.

Quality Assurance Committee in the Faculty of Nursing

Dr. Mohammed Menwir Al-Naeem(Chair Scientific Research)
Dr. Basemah Nofal – Miss Bayan abu Ali (Scientific Research)
Dr. Najah AL-Saweesh – Miss deaa saed ( Academic Programs)
Prof. Malakeh Zuhdi Malak + Miss bayan alwahish (students)
Dr. afaf nwarah + Miss hanan mabrouk (community services)
Dr. manar bani hani + Miss ahlam fakhori (strategic planning)
Dr. najah sayyah + Miss nadeen Hussain (resources)
Dr. Dalal Bashir Yehia + Miss farah nababteh ( )
L. Ahlam Bassam Al Amro – Miss aya obaid (quality)


To contact us

Address of the Q.A.O: Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Faculty of Nursing  / Building No: 9, Office No: 211, 2nd  floor
Dr. Mohammed Aref (Vice Dean of Accreditation and Quality Assurance)
Fax : + 962 – 6- 4291432