Faculty in Community Service

The faculty provides an effective service in the service of the local community through curricular and extracurricular activities through cooperation between faculty members, students, and community institutions by carrying out various activities such as:

  • Participation in healthy days on the university campus and outside the university.
  • The health care exhibition was held on the sidelines of the Creative Student Forum which was held on the university’s main stage in cooperation with a number of medical supplies companies.
  • Participation in the events of the change day in Al Bashir Hospital / Department of Obstetrics
  • Participation in the events of the Change day in the National Center for Mental Health
  • Giving a lecture on seasonal flu at the university for students, administrators, and faculty members.
  • The program for the care of the elderly (the campaign of vaccination and promotion of drinking milk)” held at the Jubilee Center in cooperation with the Greater Amman Municipality.
  • Initiating initiatives for orphans and children.
  •  The Tishreen Pink Initiative was launched in conjunction with Breast Cancer Prevention
  • Participation with international institutions in holding healthy days for older groups such
    as Help Age International,
  • Conducting a healthy day for people in Al-Zhoor region.
  • Conducting lectures and training courses for students, including bleeding management and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.