Activities (Workshops Exhibitions Meetings/Seminars):

Nursing Students engage in many activities, including:

 1- Sports activities

Every year a football team is formed from all study levels in the faculty. This team participates in football tournaments within the University.

 2- Cultural activities
  • Student Group (“Nursing for You”)

A number of faculty students formed a student group, with the approval of the Deanship of Student Affairs. They created a page on the social networking site
Facebook under the title “Nursing for You”. Its objectives are to disseminate extracurricular activities to students of the Faculty of Nursing and to disseminate health
awareness among university students, and establish activities to help the rest of the students of the faculty, for example, the reception of new students in the faculty
and there is a plan of extracurricular activities will be implemented throughout the academic year.

  • Student Group (I Nurse Team)

This group presents health issues on the university channel on YouTube, “What do you tell us”, which provides health topics of interest to the community in all its

Students also participated in competitions at a local level. One of the students won the prize for the best creative drawing in psychological care, and another student won the photography prize.

3- Creative Student Forum

Since 2012/2012, the Faculty of Nursing has started a creative students’ meeting for all students of nursing faculties in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, believing in the importance of motivating students to undertake creative and research activities to be held annually at the Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan. The first creative forum witnessed a large number of participation such as plays and research Scientific and meaningful initiatives.

4- Community Service

Faculty students participate in many health activities to serve the community members inside and outside the university, such as the health days held on campus and outside. Also, participation in the provision of health education through the days of change held at the University and in various health institutions.