University Mission : 

As an institution of higher education, Al-Zaytoonah is committed to providing a healthy environment suitable for academic interaction between students and faculty, leading to academic excellence in teaching and research, and to the students' acquisition of invaluable knowledge and skills needed for their future responsibilities in society . Its mission is based on the following major principles:


Providing students with learning opportunities commensurate with their capabilities, interests, and abilities to excel and be creative.

Directing talented students towards constructive work.

Enhancing academic freedom to support progress and development.

Encouraging creative thinking and logical analysis of problems.

University Objectives: 

Al-Zaytoonah aims at serving the human community, in general, and the Arab community, especially the Jordanian, in particular, by all possible means. More specifically, Al-Zaytoonah aims at:


Providing students and faculty with opportunities to study and conduct research in various fields of knowledge.

Enhancing and encouraging scientific research, individual thinking, initiative, and teamwork, Motivating the sense of responsibility and patriotism among students and faculty.

Making use of technology and directing it towards the service of society.

Creating interest in national and global culture, focusing on national heritage.

Strengthening links with other Universities and Arab and international scientific societies.

Having noticeable contribution in the advancement of arts and sciences,and emphasizing the Islamic faith and its spiritual and moral values.

University Goals: