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Visit Us at Building No 11, Beside the Foreign Relations Office


Deanship of Student Affairs, Building No 14, Second Floor, Office of Students Services

We work together to support students back to academic training path

We do believe education is a human right to be guaranteed to all people

Student Operational Support Unit

This unit is one of the main outcomes of Erasmus + project called RESCUE. It was established in mid of 2019. Its role is very important for orientation and training purposes of the students inside and outside the university. Its staff are well trained about different issues and challenges that student may face before starting their academic life or during their study at the university. The unit staff also were trained to guide competent students for various opportunities available specially the scholarships competition process.


Unit team


Mr Ahmad Alhammouri


Mr Abdallah Obaidat


 Mr Abdallah Elfayez


Miss Salam Alzaben


: The unit provides the following services to the students


Pilot and Crash courses: Providing pilot and crash courses in English, Basic Sciences and IT to the students  .


Scholarships: Provides information about available scholarships and guide students in filling scholarship application  .
The RSOS unit DO NOT have scholarships  .


Soft skills: provide training in different topics such as communication and presentation skills with the cooperation of Career Guidance and Alumni Office.


Provide psychological and social advising with the cooperation of Psychological Support Unit.


Organizing social activities with the cooperation of Students’ services division.