• The University has largely recognized its contribution to the Jordanian community as being an  important institutional responsibility. In this respect, the local community monitors the perceptions of the University and appropriate strategies taken to improve the understanding and enhance its reputation and image. This, however, stems from the realization of responsibilities of the university towards the community through the provision of different activities based on the knowledge and experience that the faculty members inherent, and needs of the community to these experiences, in addition to training courses and counseling executed by the extension of assistance programs implemented or in charge of the program. It is worth noting, that these activities are documented and are defined on the level of the university and community with focus, mainly on, contributions of faculty members appropriately within the university activities.
  •  The contribution towards external contact with the community is considered as resulting from carrying responsibilities of the university in achieving its vision and dissemination of this mission and goals after a center for scientific creativity and able to identify the problems of the society and search for solutions. The University is still seeking through its graduates to meet the requirements of the local community and its needs, and more towards regional and international communities alike, over the past twenty years of graduations of its scholarly students. It is clear that the role of the programs in monitoring the University’s perception of the local community have the appropriate strategies taken to improve its understanding and enhance its reputation through feedback to the satisfaction of employers for the graduate levels and the possibility of admission to graduate programs abroad has had the greatest impact in its inception and academic excellence.
  • Noteworthy is the contributions of the university in service of the local community through the outstanding activities of the health center and free medical days, set up and held in several provinces. This is in addition to the recognized academic scholarships awarded to outstanding students and destitute, which amounts  to about 10% of the University’s budget.




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