1- Innovation Management: Concepts, process & Techniques:

Fundamentals of Innovation Management.

Knowledge and Innovation Management.

Innovation Systems and Techniques.

Innovation of Innovation Management.

Arab Manager and Innovation

2- Strategic Innovation Management:

Innovation and Creativity in Business.

Innovation Strategies in Business.

Measuring Innovative Performance.

Innovation and Competitive Advantage.

3- Innovation Management and Networking:

Innovation Economies in Businesses.

Knowledge Management and Innovation Management.

Innovation Management and Business networks.

4- Innovation Management and Business:                            

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Business.

Innovative Excellence in Business.

Innovation in small Business.

5- Pioneer experiences in Innovation:  

Global Innovation companies Experiences.

Innovation management in Emerging Economies.

Arab Pioneer Experiences in Innovation.

6- Innovation Management Domains:

Islam and Innovation Management.

Innovation in Hospitality Industry.

Innovation Management in Finance and Banking Industry.

Innovation and Innovation Marketing.

Accounting and Innovation in Businesses.

Information Technology and Innovation.

Innovation and Project Management.