In light of a changing world where economies decline and merge, and new business models prevail and compete in a globalized world, the success of business organizations is associated with the concept of product and service innovation and in the collective effort and the systematic organization of innovation management, its execution, interaction and implementation in a well-established organizational culture.   In addition, innovation is related to value added business activities and its accompanying services; an innovative business model based on three variables: the beneficiary, the technology, and the value production model that is based on innovation distinction and quality in various fields of innovation. Innovation and creativity in businesses and the new network economy is a fundamental requirement for sustaining competitive advantage at the organizational and societal level; and a source of new opportunities for excellence based on accumulated and renewable knowledge of individuals and organizations.

Therefore, this conference represents a serious attempt to enrich the modern managerial thinking process and to present scientific and applied knowledge in the fields of innovation management, and network economy and to learn from traditional international innovation centers, and models of international companies pioneering in their technological innovations, as well as to understand the successful road map of the new innovation centers rising in China, India, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and others.

Innovation is the ability to discover and adopt creative ideas, and being able to apply new methods in products, services, technology and businesses processes.  It is a vision for each new development in various industries, markets, digital space and social network.  .