Minister of Labor inaugurates Employment Day



Minister of Labor inaugurates Employment Day At Al Zaytoonah University of Jordan
The Minister of Labor Dr. Mhahmoud Al Kafaween inaugurated the 3rd anniversary of the Employment Day at Al Zaytoonah University of Jordan with the participation of 60 companies and institutions in various government departments and economic sectors that provide of job opportunities in coordination with the University. 

The Minister accompanied by the President of the University / Dr. Rushdi Hasan toured the wards of companies and institutions. He listened to a brief introduction about the need of these companies for employments of various types assuring their keenness to cooperate with the Ministry of Labor to provide job opportunities in their sectors. Mr. Al Kafaween said: “This employment day witnessed many exhibitions. Employment days are organized by the ministry in coordination with the Jordanian Universities and various economic sectors. However, it works to ensure direct communication opportunities between businessmen and job seekers. It also paves the way to the job seekers to acquaint themselves with the requirements and the needs of the labor market and provide the opportunity for businessmen to fulfill their employment of Jordanians, besides facilitate contacting them specially the University’s alumni. Assuring that the reduction of unemployment rate is a clear indication of the efforts and the contribution of the private sector in the employment of Jordanians. 

He noted that the Ministry supported various initiatives in providing jobs for the unemployed thanks to the government in occupying and training the Jordanians to find suitable employment opportunities and secure good income as to provide good living for citizens. He indicated that the main aim of the ministry is to provide good job opportunities for every Jordanian. 

The Minister, Al Kafaween, referred to the importance of the participation of the Higher Education Sector in employments days and providing job opportunities for the youth, confirming that the University education is significant and it does not mean that all the graduates must gain the public job opportunities, but there are true and suitable job opportunities in the private sector, clarifying that there are many economic sectors which concentrate on various skills for job seekers despite the academic qualification.

The Minister asserted that there was no culture of rejection for jobs, Instead there are some inappropriate jobs and some low payments; explaining that there is a problem in distributing job opportunities according to governorates. He stressed the importance of directing the investors in all sectors to invest in the governorates to provide job opportunities there.

It is said that employment day includes number of workshops regarding the basic skills for job seekers who visited the exhibition.

تاريخ النشر :2-5-2011

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