Instructions of the students` council
Issued by the Board of Trustees of the University in its session
No. (6/89) Date 13th August 1998
Chapter I 

Article (1): Al Zaytoonah Private University of Jordan forms a 
council called (Al Zaytuna University students council) to
represent students in student affairs to be based in the Deanship of 
Student Affairs at the University.

Article (2): The following words have the following meanings 
unless the context indicates otherwise: 
The University: Al Zaytoonah Private University of Jordan.
The President: President of the University.
The Dean: Dean of Student Affairs.
The Council: Al Zaytoonah Private University of Jordan students’ council.
General Authority: All regular students enrolled in various 
disciplines at the Faculty of the University to obtain a degree or certificate •

Chapter II 

Article (3): The Council aims to achieve the following:
A) Support various student activities in the scientific, cultural, social and sport field.
B) Closer cooperation between the students and motivate them to team work.
C) Follow-up students issues and coordinate with the university
administration to resolve the problems facing the educational process for students.
D) Develop the democratic practice, substantive dialogue and 
respect opinions of others.
E) Refine the student’s personality according to a holistic view to respond to the values of the Arab Islamic civilization and promote membership in the University and the nation.
F) Provide opportunities for positive interaction between students 
and the University administration, faculties and departments, and work to support the academic process.
G) Ensure the importance of investing University life to prepare for 
the future and absolute respect for the laws, regulations and followed instructions, and show values of the Jordanian society. 
Chapter III
Membership of the Council and its Formation

Article (4): A) S/he has successfully completed the minimum credit 
hours per semester according to the instructions in force by the university.
B) The cumulative average should not be less than the minimum for each course.
C) Be regular at the University for the duration of his/her 
membership, and the student registered in the minimum academic load is considered regular student at the University except for the graduation and summer semesters.
D) S/he did not receive any disciplinary punishment beyond the 
first alarm until the beginning of the nomination, and if signed that has passed at least two semesters. 
E) Paid all the decisive University fees.

Article (5): A) The Council consists of elected students in University
faculties according to the representation as follows:
1.One member at least for each faculty.
2.Number of members commensurate with the students enrolled
in the faculty.
B) The Deans Council allocates the required representation rate in 
the light of the announcement of the official numbers for students enrolled in various faculties at the beginning of the second semester of the academic year.

Article (6): A) Election vote is a right of every member of the 
General Board.
B) Elections are held as follows:
1. Each University faculty is considered being one electoral district.
2. Allocated to each electoral district number of ballot boxes with 
appropriate numbers of students of the faculty. 
3. The students elect in each faculty whosoever represent them in 
the Council directly by taking into account what is stated in 
Article five of these instructions.
4. The Council`s elections take place during the second semester of
each academic year.
5. Elections for the council membership take place in one day only 
to begin the voting process
from nine o’clock am until five o’clock that afternoon.
6. Electoral propaganda is done a week before the start of the 
election according to the University norms and the approval 
of the dean.
7. Elections are set by secret ballot.
8. The President issues the basis and the internal guidelines for 
conducting elections in accordance with these instructions.
C) The Council shall be elected for one year only starting from the 
date of announcing the results and ends with the beginning of next year’s election.

Chapter IV
Council`s Meeting and its Powers

Article (7): a) The Council shall hold its first meeting by the 
invitation of the Dean to elect the President, Vice president, 
the secretary general, and members of committees from 
among its members within two weeks from the date of 
announcing the election results, and then determines times of its meetings.
B) The Council`s meetings are public and may be held 
confidentially if required by the nature of the topics provided that consent of a majority of members.
C) The load of the meetings should be legal if the absolute majority
attended. If it is not available, this load one hour for 
the start of the meeting, it will be postponed to another date 
to be held within ten days from the date fixed for the first 
meeting and the load in the second meeting is legal if one 
third of the council members attended the meeting including 
the President of the Council and the Secretary General.

Article (8):
The council shall have the following powers:
A) Discuss the Council’s work plan and approving them.
B) Discuss the annual reports: financial and administrative 
approving them.
C) Prepare a proposed budget and submit it to Dean.
D) Make adjustments that deems appropriate to these instructions
and submit them to the President through the Dean.
E) Propose recommendations as deems necessary to achieve its 

Chapter V
President of the Council, vice President, and the Secretary

Article (9): A) The President of the Council and his vice should be 
as follows:
1.Be Jordanian.
2. Had been studied successfully, the specified credit hours as the 
– (60) Credit hours of study plan for the undergraduate students.
– (15) Credit hours of study plan for the graduate students.
3. To be registered for at least the minimum of academic load in 
each semester for the time of holding his position, except for 
the graduation semester and summer semester as well.
4. His/her cumulative average should not be less than the 
minimum required in the valid instruction.
B) The president and his deputy position should be occupied once 
Article (10): A) The President of the Council performs the following
1. Calls for meetings of the Council and the administrative body.
2. Presides council`s meetings and the administrative body.
3. Refers the Council’s decisions and recommends to the 
administrative board to take appropriate actions.
4. Represents the Council in similar student bodies.
B) The Vice President of the Council performs powers and tasks of 
the president of the Council during his absence.

C) The Secretary of the Council performs the following functions:
1. Prepare agenda for the matters referred to by the President.
2. Prepare minutes of meetings.
3. Secretariat of the Council.
4. Receives correspondences of the council, save documents and 
keep its papers and stamp.
5. Supply the Deanship of Student Affairs to provide the up to date 
minutes of Council`s meetings.
6. Undertake any other tasks assigned by the President of the 
Council within the limits of his powers.

Chapter VI
Committees of the Council and its terms of reference

Article (11): The Council manages the affairs of an administrative 
body under the chairmanship of the President of the Council 
and the membership of the Vice President, the Secretary, and 
the heads of the Council`s standing committees.

Article (12): A) The Council forms following standing committees 
to exercise its functions: 
1. The Financial Committee.
2. Student`s Affaires committee. 
3. Student Activities Committee. 
4. Volunteer work Committee to serve the University and the 
5. Foreign Relations Committee.

B) Those Standing Committees elect the heads and two 
determinants in the first meeting after its formation. 

C) The Council may form temporary committees from its members
to do specific tasks.

D) The standing and temporary committees regulate and 
determine their functions and powers according to the bases
issued by the council and reported to the Deanship of 
Student Affairs at approval.

E) All the Council`s committees use whosoever deems appropriate 
to exercise its functions from the members of the public body.

Article (13): The administrative board performs the following tasks: 
1. Elect a cashier from its members. 
2. Implement Council`s decisions and follow up recommendations.
3. Prepare the draft budget for the Council
4. Supervise faculties committees and monitor their 
. Study Students issues and propose appropriate solutions.5
6. Put a draft action plan for students programs and activities and 
recommend adopting by the Dean of Student Affairs.
7. Discuss the two annual reports: financial and administrative
and raising them to the Council. 
8. Study subjects transferred by the dean.

Article (14): A) The Secretary of the Council performs the secretariat
of the of the administrative body and shall be 
entitled with the duties referred to in Article (01 / C) of these 

B) The cashier performs the following duties: 
1. Receipt of all receipts and deposit receipts in the Council`s 
2. Disbursements in accordance with the decisions of the 
administrative body. 
3. Submit a monthly statement to the administrative head of the 
receipts, payments and raise a Copy to the Dean. 
4. Bookkeeping and financial records in accordance with the 
applicable accounting regulations. 
5. Preparation of annual financial report.

Article (15): the governing body shall meet within a week of its 
formation, and, following its meetings every week and 
whenever circumstances and documenting its records 

Article (16): a) 1. In every faculty of the University, a Committee 
called (Faculty Committee) is composed of all representatives
of the faculty who are members of the 
Council. If the number of such representatives is less than 
three to complete the list, holders who take the most votes of
the candidates of the faculty shall be enlisted. 
2. The Committee shall elect a Chairman from among its members
of the Council.
B) The Faculty Committee shall do the following tasks:
1. Prepare the annual report at the faculty level.
2. Follow-up activities approved by the Board at the faculty level. 
3. Study the students’ issues at the faculty, propose solutions to 
them, and raise the proposed solutions to the administrative bodies. 
4. Prepare a plan for students’ activities at the faculty level and raise them to the administrative body. 
5. Implement the decisions of the administrative body related to 
the affairs of faculty students. 

Chapter VII
Cancellation of Membership

Article (17): A) membership of any council member is cancelled in 
addition to the bodies and its committees in the following 
1. The member intends to commit any prohibited act or 
contrary to the objectives of the Council or abuse to his 
2. If s/he committed any disciplinary offense punishable by 
more than the first warning.
3. Convicted a felony or misdemeanor.
4. A loss of membership requirements set forth in Article 
IV, except for the cumulative average.
5. Death.
6. Written resignation. 
7. The transition from one faculty to another during the period of
8. Failure to attend meetings of the Council three consecutive 
times or six separated times without an acceptable excuse.
B) Membership is cancelled by a decision of the Council with the 
majority of two thirds of its members in the cases mentioned in item (1) of this article, and fall verdict in the cases included in 
other items.

Chapter VIII
Financial Resources of the Council

Article (18): A) The Council has special budget supervised by the 
administrative body. 
B) The financial resources of the Council consist of the following:

1. An annual financial grant provided by the University 
with one dinar for each student enrolled in each semester 
except summer semester. The grant shall be payable in two 
installments and that the financial matters are finalized at the 
end of each semester.

2. Bodies, grants and donations received on behalf of the 
Council and accepted by the University Council.

3. The proceeds of activities carried out by the 

4. Any other resources approved by the University 
5. Council funds shall be deposited in the bank by its name 
that is determined by the chairman and withdraw under the 
signatures of the chairman of the council or a cashier with the
Dean. 6. Spending is determined by a decision of the 
administrative bodies appended by signatures of the 
Chairman of the Council and cashier, in addition to the 
Secretary or the Vice Chairman of the Council. The chairman
may spend no more than (50) fifty dinars a month 
held by the cashier as an advance for expenses to be paid by 
7. The Financial Director of the University performs auditing 
expenditures receipts and financial documents, in addition to
council objects of exchange. S/he is acknowledged with all
financial transactions directly.

Chapter IX 
General Provisions

Article (19): The chairman of the Council and its members perform 
the following oath in front of President of the University no 
later than two weeks from the date of announcing election 

(By the name of the Almighty God, I swear to be loyal to the 
country and the King, righteous to the University mission and 
conserving the laws, regulations and instructions and perform 
my duties honestly and faithfully). 

Article (20): If a vacancy occurs in the council it may be replaced by
another member having the second rank of votes, but if 
no one remained three months at least for the end of the term
of the Council, a new member will be elected for the 
vacant place to complete this article.

Article (21): The Council considers resigned by resignation of the 
majority of its members, as well as in relation to the 
administrative body and Council`s committees.

Article (22): Any legal meeting is considered by presence of the 
absolute majority of the members.

Article (23): Decisions and recommendations are taken by a 
majority of the presence in the case of an equality of votes.
The vote of the head of the session is more probable.

Article (24): If the Head of the Council resigns or his vice or the 
secretary or membership of any of them cancelled, the
Council shall elect a replacement. 

Article (25): The Board shall exercise its powers to the extent that 
they are not incompatible with the practice of terms of 
reference assigned to various councils and departments at the
University in accordance with its laws and regulations and
instructions in force. 

Article (26): The Council is cancelled by decision of Deans` council 
upon the recommendation of the President of the University. 
The Fund of the Council shall be kept by the treasury of the 

Article (27): President of the University shall decide in cases which 
are not provided in these instructions. 

Article (28): The first term of the council expires by the end of the
Council elections on schedule. 

Article (29): President of the University and the Dean of Student 
Affairs are responsible for implementing the provision of 
these instructions.