Organizing Committee


Prof. Tariq Al-qirim

Chairman of organizing committeeDean/Faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan

Prof. Johnnie Early

Dean, College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Toledo

Prof. Ghassan Abu Sheikha

Prof. of Medicinal Chemistry/Al-Zaytoonah University  of Jordan

Dr. Amanda Bryant-Friedrich

Dean, College of Graduate Studies/The University of Toledo

Dr. Lama Hamadneh

Assist. Prof. of Molecular Medicine/Al-Zaytoonah University  of Jordan

Dr. Rania Hamed

Assist. Prof. of Pharmaceutics/Al-Zaytoonah University  of Jordan

Dr. Eveen Al-Shalabi

Assist. Prof. of Organic Chemistry/Al-Zaytoonah University  of Jordan

Prof. Youssef Sari

Prof. of Pharmacology/Vice Chair of the Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics/The University of Toledo

Dr. Suhair Hikmat

Assist. Prof. of Toxicology/Al-Zaytoonah University  of Jordan