Prof. Tareq Musbah Al-qirim

Dean of the Scientific Research and Innovation

   Message from the Dean

Welcome to the official page of the Deanship of Scientific Research and Innovation (DSRI) at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan (ZUJ), Deanship of excellence and leadership in scientific research. The importance of scientific research and its active role in the development of human knowledge, societies and countries throughout history led the ZUJ to establish the DSR at the beginning of 2006. The main task of DSR is to organize, supervise and encourage scientific research in the University for both students and faculty members in order to consolidate the university’s position of excellence and improve its competitiveness locally, regionally and internationally.

At the DSR, we encourage and support more distinguished scientific production aimed at maintaining the quality of research outputs through: financially rewarding researchers for conducting outstanding scientific research, funding research projects, and financially support the participation of faculties’ members in international indexed conferences, and the attendance of specialized training courses. DSR also support entrepreneurial and creative ideas, scientific research sabbaticals, registration of patents, and marketing of productive research.

DSR is continuously seeks to build cooperation with local and international research institutions through projects supported by the Jordanian Scientific Research Fund or by the European Union. It also seeks to enhance the role of the Technology Transfer office at the University.

We rely on our faculty members at the university to participate in the achievement of DSR main goal of leadership and excellence in the field of scientific research.

We also invite all of you to provide us with your suggestions and feedback to improve our services .