Responsibilities of the Deanship of Scientific Research and Innovation :

  1. Implementing the scientific research policies in the university according to the University’s law and instructions.
  2. Propose improvements to the instructions and procedures of scientific research in the university to raise its level.
  3. Providing financial support for distinguished scientific research, publication in specialized and refereed journals, attending scientific conferences, and specialized courses and workshops .
  4. Providing scientific research supplies such as equipment, tools, materials, office resources, subscriptions, etc. necessary for the implementation of a research.
  5. Managing the financial and temporal affairs of scientific research supported from inside and outside the university.
  6. Finding other sources of scientific research funding locally and globally.
  7. Intellectual protection of patents, creative research and innovations for researchers from within the university.
  8. Building a complete database of scientific researches and researchers and making it available to all through the Deanship of Scientific Research website, highlighting the indicators related to excellence.
  9. Preparing reports of the budget, the annual plan and the annual report related to scientific research activities in addition to the studies related to scientific research at the university.
  10. Marketing of the applied researches that serve the community.
  11. Any other matters related to the scientific research .