The signed agreements:

The Deanship of Scientific Research and Innovation prepares and concludes agreements and memorandums of understanding with research, academic and industrial institutions to obtain joint cooperation in holding conferences and facilitating the networking process among researchers at Al-Zaytoonah and others from inside and outside Jordan, and networking with prestigious scientific institutions, and institutions concerned with leadership, innovation and marketing of scientific research, as well as Marketing applied scientific research to non-academic institutions.

The following is a summary of the agreements and memorandums of understanding that the university signed through the deanship :

  • An agreement with the Egyptian Scientific Research School (SRGE) at Cairo University, through which it networks researchers at the university with their counterparts in the Egyptian Scientific School, which annually publishes a large number of research in classified scientific journals.
  • An agreement with the Electronics Research Institute – Ministry of Scientific Research – Arab Republic of Egypt, which includes theoretical and applied research activities in the fields of electronics, communications, computers and informatics.
  • An agreement with the German Goethe Institute, through which the university provided a scholarship to twenty male and female students to study the German language and qualify them to join the German labor market, as the students began this course at the beginning of November 2022.
  • An agreement with the Innovation Dome Foundation for Training and Consultations, through which a series of workshops will be launched for faculty members and students to spread awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Two memorandums of understanding with Al Al-Bayt University:
    – A memorandum of cooperation between Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan Journal for Human and Social Studies and Al-Bayt University to publish the research of the Fifth Linguistics Conference entitled: “The Horizons of Linguistic Research in the Twenty-First Century.”
    – A memorandum of cooperation between Al-Zaytoonah University Journal of Soft Computing and its Applications and Al-Bayt University to publish the research of the International Joint Conference with Al-Farahidi University (International Joint Conference for Medical, Pure and Applied Sciences).
  • The agreement of the National Center for Innovation, affiliated with the Supreme Council for Science and Technology, to confirm cooperation between the university and the center in the fields of scientific research, creativity, and innovation, and in line with the decision of the Higher Education Council to adopt the Jordan Open Platform for Innovation (JOIP) as an official reference for Jordanian universities, faculty members, researchers, and entrepreneurs working in them, with the aim of marketing all activities. Scientific research and linking it with different sectors. The platform provides its services in a unique way that mimics social networking sites, bringing together all the activities of the scientific research, creativity, and entrepreneurship system in Jordan and providing them with documented and reliable information.