Our vision:

Excellence in pharmaceutical education, scientific research and community service.

Our mission:

Graduating highly qualified pharmacists, and having a leading and active role in the scientific research and community service.

Our values :

  1. National belonging
  2. Leadership and team work
  3. Integrity and transparency
  4. Justice and equal opportunities
  5. Continuous learning
  6. Others’ opinion respect and cultural pluralism

Our goals :

  1. Implementing the executive plan that is derived from strategic plan in-line with the vision, mission and values of the Faculty
  2.  Following up the decisions of the governing councils in the faculty and insuring its integrity and transparency
  3. Developing new programs in pharmaceutical sciences, study plans, and using modern methods of education to complement the labor market and the needs of the local community
  4. Promoting the original and applied scientific research within the frame of the national priorities and focusing on creativity, leadership and innovation
  5. Employing financial and material resources, qualifying human cadres and directing them to participate and develop in all activities of the Faculty
  6. Continuous improvement of students services, raising the level of students’ competitiveness in the labor market and activating communication with graduates
  7. Activating the Faculty role in terms of the community services, and cooperation development    nationally and internationally networking
  8. Continuous work to obtain quality assurance certificates and achieve advanced ranking nationally and internationally