Intended Learning Outcomes for B.Sc. of Pharmacy in Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan

Goals and learning outcomes

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. Knowledge of chemical sciences related to drug synthesis and pharmacotherapy 

Goal 1

 :   The student should be able to 

Distinguish all chemical functional groups and to understand the physico-chemical  properties of all substances used in pharmaceutical synthesis

ILO 1.1

  .   Design drugs based on the biological target

ILO 1.2

Interpret the relationship between the chemical structure of a compound and its pharmacological activity

ILO 1.3

.Providing the student with the necessary knowledge in pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics


  :    The student should be able to

      Prepare the medications in the different pharmaceutical dosage forms

ILO 2.1

Identify the bio-pharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic properties of the various   pharmaceutical dosage forms

ILO 2.2

Identify the methods of pharmaceutical analysis, quality control, and the relevant practices

ILO 2.3

Providing the student with the basics and skills and of using medications in the treatment of diseases


    :  The student should be able to

.Communicate with the patients and being familiar with the human body in the context of health and disease statuses, and the diseases’ causatives

ILO 3.1

  Properly use the medications according to the priorities, for each pathological case

ILO 3.2

 Achieve maximum therapeutic benefits and reduce medication-related risks to the patient

ILO 3.3