The university library was established in 1993 with the establishment of the university and the library building consists of three floors and a total area of 5225 m 2 and a capacity of 1050 seats, and the university has been keen to have its library advanced to keep pace with all the modern needs of researchers from students, faculty members, visitors from the local community and guests from outside the country, and to provide information and learning sources in their various forms, paper and electronic, to be a basic tributary of the learning resources necessary for plans and courses for all academic disciplines and the provision of hardware, software and furniture The necessary to facilitate the requirements of researchers from inside and outside the university, and the library is equipped to receive and provide services for people with special needs, and the university has always been able to have in the library the requirements and standards of local and international quality and standards of public and private accreditation has allocated to the university library the necessary and sufficient budget to achieve these requirements in addition to providing technical and administrative cadres specialized in the field of informatics, and the library has been keen on joint cooperation with local and international institutions to provide the latest sources of paper and electronic  Through the conclusion of agreements, signing contracts, participating with providers of electronic databases, periodicals and scientific paper journals that are internationally classified, and membership of academic institutions in order to cooperate jointly to provide information services on the latest means and modern methods .