Excellence in quality scientific research and leadership in graduate studies in a framework through which the university occupies its rightful place among universities within the competitive challenge at the local, regional and international levels.



The Deanship is keen to be a center for knowledge generation and production and promotion of a culture for an aimed and directed scientific research cultured from the local environment, and contribute to achieving sustainable national development, and seeking to provide able leadership to identify dilemmas and find solutions for the nation, and equip them with the knowledge, experience and skills to deal with revolutions of the era of knowledge based economy.


Objectives :

The Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan seeks to organize matters related to scientific research and graduate studies and to encourage and support scientific research and researchers at the university to achieve the objectives of the university through:

  1. Increase of human knowledge.
  2. Development of creativity and scientific research at the university.
  3. Deepen and enhancement of the scientific research base at the university.
  4. Development and building capacity of graduate students in research methodology and methods in different fields.
  5. Preparation of high-level professionals to meet needs of the community, and in high-level technical disciplines.
  6. Identify priorities in scientific research and direct it to studies that care with issues of interest to national and Arab dimensions.
  7. Focus on applied research projects that contribute to the transfer of knowledge and its residence and problem solving.
  8. Make the University an advanced and developed center with consultative status that cares with new knowledge and special attention to productive nature outputs and patents.
  9. Submit project proposals that deem necessary to resolve the problems facing the Jordanian society in particular, and the Arab community at large.
  10. Document and activating relations and communication in various fields with all bodies and public and private institutions interested in scientific research in light of the availability of scientific and intellectual science climates.
  11. Share vaccinated tasks with specialized and integrated and complementary expertise, which ensures investment of cultural and research expertise of the private sector in support of colleges and in stimulate of scientific research.
  12. International cooperation through academic communication with visiting professors.