Posed by the department in the section that gives a master’s degree as follows:

  • Head of Department / Chairman.
  • Committee: Three members from faculty in the department / members.
  • The Duration of the Committee: Aacademic year.


The Department delegates to the Committee the powers of the board of the department of graduate studies, including:

  • Supervision of all matters related to graduate studies in the department.
  • Academic guidance to students in the department and their supervision, followed according to the Advisory Plan adopted.
  • Reccomendations to the Graduate College Committee on the following matters:

1. Creation of new, freezing, cancellation of, or development graduate of programs in the department.

2. Adoption of the new curricula and guidance plans or amendmnets.

3. Identify the proposed number of students admitted annually.

4. Accept new students.

5. Identify remedial courses.

6. Naming the supervisor and co-supervisor (if any) and thesis titles.

7. Adoption of the draft plans theses.

8. Transfer students and turning them from one specialty to another.

9. Exempting equivalent courses.

10. Formation of examining committees and scheduling.

11. Adoption of exam results subjects to graduate programs