Faculty Members






Curriculum Vitae

1 Dr. Rana A. Al-Hourani Structural Engineering Assistant Professor (Vice Dean) and (Department Head)
2 Prof. Dr. Subhi M. Bazlamit Transportation Engineering Professor (Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies )
3 Dr. Ismael A. Jannoud Communiction and Electronics Engineering Associate Professor
4 Dr. Mahdi Ibrahim Thamer Alkubaisi Transportation Associate Professor
5 Dr. Raed M. Abanda Structural Engineering Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Mousa I. Bani Baker Geotechnical Engineering Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Hesham S. Ahmad Project Managment Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Moshrik R. Hamdi Water Resources & Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Akram S. Suleiman Project Management Assistant Professor
10 Dr. Hatem Almasaeid Structural Engineering Associate Professor
11 Eng. Mustafa A. Qtaishat Water Engineering Instructor
12 Eng. Samaher A. Assad Structural Engineering lecturer
13 Eng. Monther A. Khader Transportation Engineering lecturer
14 Eng. Raha M. Al-Kharabsheh Water Resources & Environmental Engineering lecturer