Intended Learning Outcomes for Master’s Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences


Goals and learning outcomes


. Deepening the students’ understanding of the concepts of pharmaceutical manufacturing  and drug delivery

Goal 1

The student should be able to:

Illustrate the advances in pharmaceutical manufacturing and drug development     approaches

ILO 1.1

Possess basic and advanced skills in terms of pharmaceutical analysis techniques utilized in scientific research, control authorities, pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical  research centers

ILO 1.2

Empowering and expanding the students’ knowledge and practice in the different pharmaceutical disciplines.


 :The student should be able to
.  Provide high quality pharmaceutical care to patients

ILO 2.1

.  Design, synthesize and biologically evaluate the activity of the new compounds

ILO 2.2

. Providing the students with necessary research skills


 :The student should be able to
Play his/ her role efficiently either as an independent researcher or part of a research team.

ILO 3.1

Suggest ideas and write research proposals in the assigned area of pharmaceutical sciences.

ILO 3.2

  .Read, write, understand, interpret and criticize research articles

ILO 3.3