Faculty of Science and Information Technology




Vision :

To be a distinguished and leading reference in developing and disseminating the uses of information technology as an effective tool for human development in the knowledge society.

Mission :

Filling the community’s needs with qualified technical cadres and expertise and providing the capability of development and innovation in various disciplines of information technology.

Objectives :

  • Providing a creative and complementary linking between the administrative staff and the academic staff, while ensuring integrity and transparency to serve the educational process pertaining to the department.
  • Adopting interaction, integration, and specialization in building capable and qualified experts in the fields of computer science.
  • Motivating students and supporting them to learn, excel, research, produce, work as a team, and contribute to constructive interaction with the community.
  • Encouraging practical research and supporting scientific and practical studies in various fields of computer science.
  • Using and developing e-learning, developing educational methods and means, paying attention to educational resources and technology, and adopting the latest references and equipment.
  • Delivering an optimal use of the resources by supporting the educational process, and working to develop and increase them in order to serve the current and future objectives of the department.