Faculty of Science and Information Technology




Faculty Vision:

Moving towards a competitive Faculty in the academic programs of science and information technology, scientific research, and community service.


Faculty Mission:

To fulfill the needs of the labor market for professionals and qualified technical expertise who are capable of achieving development and innovation in various science and information technology programs. This is accomplished by directing the process of scientific research to serve the local and regional community, developing teaching and learning methods, focusing on national scientific research priorities, selecting qualified and experienced academic faculty members, and applying competitiveness standards and quality assurance.


Faculty Goals:

      • To implement the annual plan of the faculty according to the methodology of periodic review and continuous improvements in conformity with the vision and mission of the faculty.
      • To enhance and activate the role of departmental councils and the Faculty Council by monitoring the level of their performance and effectiveness pertaining to their decisions, and ensuring their integrity and transparency.
      • To focus on constructing different related academic programs that keep up with the required developments in science and information technology.
      • To persistently enhance the study plans, and adopt different modern teaching methods to be aligned with the requirements of the labor market.
      • To support original applied scientific research within the national priorities in the fields of science and information technology, and to focus on creativity, leadership, and innovation.
      • To employ financial and material resources, adapt qualified academic staff, and provide distinguished leaders to develop a nurturing environment for all activities of the faculty.
      • To assure continuous improvements of student services that are provided to Faculty students, raise the level of competitiveness of Faculty students in the labor market, activate the role of student clubs, and provide relevant communication mechanisms with graduate students.
      • To enhance social responsibility that can contribute to sustainable development in the fields of science and information technology, and achieve the optimal investment of cooperation and partnerships internally and externally.
      • To obtain quality assurance certificates locally and globally in the science and information technology programs