Assistant Dean for Quality Assurance Affairs Chair  Dr. Thamer Ahmad Al-Rawashdeh



Overview of the Committee :

Quality Assurance Committee is a professional advising body that organizes and supervises the work of all academic departments and other committees in the Faculty and works on the monitoring and continuous assessment of executing the procedures according to the quality assurance standards. The Quality Assurance Committee in the Faculty of Science and Information Technology is chaired by the Assistant Dean for Quality Assurance Affairs. Its members are one representative of each academic department, who is also a member of the academic staff, elected by the academic Department Council.


Tasks of the Committee :

  • Publish the manual of Quality Management System (QMS) as a reference for activities or procedures carried out within the Faculty, its departments, and the committees.
  • Self-assessment is an instrument of constantly improving quality.
  • Detect any inconsistency, incompatibility, duplication, lack of integration, or shortages in the procedures, responsibilities, and models used to measure the performance of the Faculty, its departments, and committees. Instruments link: (
  • Periodic review of the manual of QMS and its components in order to develop and enrich it.
  • Provide the Dean of the Faculty with reports on the activities of the Committee, the minutes of its meetings, and its achievements.


Important Documents and Forms:

Quality Assurance Procedures Models of the Faculty of Science and Information Technology

Strategic plan for Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan 

Al-Zaytoonah University Annual Report 2018-2019

The University’s annual plan form 2018-2019

The annual report of the Deanship of Scientific Research



The Quality Assurance Committee:

Academic Rank




Associate Professor


Dr. Thamer Ahmad Al-Rawashdeh


Associate Professor


Dr. Bilal Hani Hawashin


Assistant Professor


Dr. Zeyad Hashem Desuqi


Assistant Professor


Dr. Feras Hamed Al Tarawneh


Assistant Professor


 Dr. Haitham Ali AlQawqana