Faculty of Science and Information Technology



College in community service:

Based on the university’s vision, directs students to volunteer work and community service, to deepen the values of loyalty and belonging to the homeland, and to root the human sense among students through the participation of all needy members of society in providing humanitarian and other services to them. The College of Science and Information Technology offers a lot of diverse activities in the field of community service.
These works in the college are organized and coordinated by the Voluntary Work and Community Service Committee led by the activist in this field, Dr. Maysoon Qousini.
An example of these works carried out by the college in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs are:

-Campaigns to donate winter clothes and distribute them to the needy in an annual activity entitled (Def’e) 

-Book exchange campaigns among students are held at the beginning of each semester

-Blood donation campaigns in cooperation with the Blood Bank.

-Visits to groups of society in need of moral support, such as homes for the elderly and those with special cases, and interaction with them. And many other community service and volunteer work.

Such actions are very popular with college and university students who do not hesitate to participate in such charitable voluntary activities, whether inside or outside the university

 Community Service Officer: Dr.Maysoon Qousini