Dr. Feras M. Al-Azzeh

Head Of Accreditation and Quality Assurance Office (AQAO)



Feras Mohd Al-Azzeh

 Title of the position

Head of Accreditation and Quality Assurance Office (ZUJ)

 Academic qualification

– PhD in Electronic Systems and Programmable Control Systems, credit : Excellent (1991).
– Master in Electric Systems and Networks, credit : Excellent.


Building and improving the QA system

Experience in QA

The head of AQAO since 2010

Research interest

– IT Quality Standards
– IT Arabization

Publications in QA related issues

  1. Al- Azzeh , F. Al – rawashdeh, T. Evaluation of ERP System Quality Model Using Analytic Hierarchy Process ( AHP) Technique, in Jornal of software Engineering and Application, 2014,7,225-232

  2. Al- Azzeh , F. Yahya, A. Universal QA model for Educational Institutions Quality Assurance in Education  (eEmerald), QAE-JAN-2012-0065

  3. Al-Azzeh, F. Yahya, A. Procedures for evaluating the Teaching process in computing Disciples, Int J.Emerg.Sci, 1(3),444-454. ISSN:2222-4254

  4. Al-Azzeh, F. Yahya,A. Quality Criteria’s of Computing Disciplines,  European Journal of Scientific Research, ISSN 1450-216X Vol.48 No.3 (2011), pp.320-328,

  5. Al-Azzeh, F. Yahya, A. Quality Procedures to Review, Mission, Vision and Objectives in Higher Educational Institutions, European Journal of Scientific Research, ISSN 1450-216X Vol.45 No.2 (2010), pp.168-175,

  6. Al-Azzeh, F. Yahya, A. Quality assurance procedures to prepare and update a university curriculum, American Journal Of Scientific And Industrial Research, ISSN: 2153-649X, 2010, 1(1): 01-06,

  • Has many publications in IT domain

  • Has 15 published books in his specialty and QA

Continuing education and Activities in QA

  1. OMAN (2014).  Feras M. AL- Azzeh; Quality Management System – Adaptation or Creation? Case Study: Al Zaytoonah University of Jordan; AROQA 6th Annual Conference (Patterns of Education and Related Quality Standards)

  2. EGYPT 2012.  Feras M. Al-Azzeh , Plan a unified strategy for quality within university institutions

  3. JORDAN 2011.  Feras Mohamed Al-Azzeh, Abdelfatah Aref Yahya, An educational institution starting point for quality management systems where, (01) –  International Arab Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, ( IACQA-11)

  4. Preparing workshops on QA nationally and internationally

  5. A lot of continuing in-service education in QA  


  1. Integrated system for Improving The Usage Of E-Learning in higher Education, 2014

  2. Conference Management and Archiving system “CMAS”

  3. Developing, Designing and preparing the optical character recognition for Arabic and Latin languages software. The first of it’s kind in the Arab world. Registered on 1.03.1993 in Jordan.

  4. Developing, Designing and preparing an automated spell checker for Arabic language. Used in the editors and word-processors with various applications in Arab world, 1992.

  5. Designing and manufacturing an automatic control system for orienting and controlling the technological specifications of electric engines during production which depend on computer as a basis for it (used in the production factories in the former soviet countries 1991).

Additional skills

– Certified for research Engineer and system analysis.
– Industrial consultant in information technology domain.
– Project management.


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