About the Deanship

The Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies was established at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan at the beginning of 2006. One of its prior tasks was to supervise, encourage and support scientific research and graduate studies. This continued until 2019, as the Deanship of Graduate Studies separated from the Deanship of Scientific Research.
The Deanship of Graduate Studies is considered one of the supporting deanships in the University. It has been entrusted with the supervision, follow-up and development of graduate programs in coordination with the University Faculties and Academic Departments, for the embodiment of the University’s vision to provide opportunities for students wishing to complete their graduate studies.
The Deanship supervises and follows up the graduate programs and organizes the students acceptance process in the Master programs offered by the University which include fourteen programs distributed to eight Faculties as follows:

    1. Faculty of Science and Information Technology
      • Software Engineering.

      • Mathematics.
      • Data Science.

    2. Faculty of Pharmacy
      • Pharmaceutical Sciences.
    3. Faculty of Nursing
      • Clinical Nursing/ Adult.
    4. Faculty of Art
      • English Language/ Literature.
    5. Faculty of Business
      • Business Administration.
      • Accounting.
      • Digital Marketing.
      • Business Analytics.
    6. Faculty of Law
      • Law.
    7. Faculty of Architecture and Design
      • Graphic Design.
    8. Faculty of Engineering and Technology
      Smart Manufacturing.
      Engineering Management.

The Deanship of Graduate Studies is keen to activate its role in providing outstanding services to postgraduate students and seeks to keep up with the international levels by providing enough support to graduate studies programs and activities. This is confirmed by the steady increase in the number of graduate programs and the corresponding increase in the number of students of different nationalities enrolled in the various programs. The number of admitted graduate students in the different programs until the beginning of the academic year 2023/2024 is 446 student, while the number of graduates from the University Master programs since the establishment of the programs is 904 graduate.