Vision :

Excellence and leadership in graduate studies programs to meet the needs of the community and enhance competitiveness locally, regionally and internationally.

Mission :

Working according to high quality academic, research and professional standards to graduate specialists with scientific and research excellence and to achieve sustainable development of the society.

Values :

  1. National Belonging.
  2. Leadership and Team Work.
  3. Integrity and Transparency.
  4. Justice and Equal Opportunities.
  5. Continuous Learning.
  6. Others’ Opinion Respect and Cultural Pluralism.

Goals :


Complete the annual plan of the Deanship in accordance with periodic follow-up methodology and continuous improvement in conformity with the vision and mission of the Deanship and the strategic plan of the University.


Follow-up the performance of Graduate Studies Council and Committees, and ensure their integrity and transparency in order to contribute to the achievement of the Deanship goals efficiently and effectively.


Develop new graduate programs and improve study plans for various academic programs, to serve the requirements of the labor market, and enhance competitiveness.


Encourage and support the publication of research derived from outstanding scientific theses in internationally indexed scientific journals, which deepens creativity, leadership and innovation.


Employ financial, material and human resources to prepare specialists for professional, academic and research life in the fields that meet the labor market and sustainable development.


6. Develop and activate communication tools with graduate students and graduates.


Expand and develop joint programs with local, regional and international academic institutions and promote social responsibility.


Apply quality assurance standards in the various areas of the Deanship’s work and achieve continuous quality of graduate programs.