Course No Course Name Credit Hourse Prerequisite
0908202 Engineering Mechanics 3 0120131
Force systems components resultants moment about a point and about a line equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies structural analysis trusses and frames internal forces shear force diagram and bending moment diagrams in beams center of gravity and centroid moment of inertia
0908203 Strength of Materials 3 0908202
Stress and strain mechanical properties of materials Hooks Law stress and strain under axial loading thermal stresses torsion analysis and design beams stresses and strains under the influence of pure bending composite sections combined stresses plane stresses and strains and analysis buckling of columns
0908204 Strength of Materials Lab 1 0908203
Tension test torsion test deflection of beams creep test hardness test fatigue test and thin cylinder test
0908205 Probability and Statistics for Engineers 3 0101104
counting rules conditional and independent probabilities random variables discrete and continuous densities and distribution functions exponential standardizing statistical sample distribution parameters Gaussian binomial Poisson and hypergeometric distributions central limit theorem statistical estimation hypothesis testing statistical tests mean and sample proportion for small and large samples method of least squares correlation and regression
0908221 Engineering Geology 3
Silicate minerals and nonsilicate minerals physical properties of minerals rock types and their formation engineering properties of rocks construction materials topographic maps plate tectonics earthquakes and earth movements landslides subsidence liquefaction eras faults and types of faults and folding subsurface exploration
0908222 Construction Materials 3
Aggregates properties and tests cement properties manufacturing hydration types and tests mixing water properties and tests fresh concrete workability segregation mixing tests hardened concrete strength of concrete durability and tests concrete mix design masonry units concrete blocks
0908223 Construction Materials Lab 1 0908222
Aggregate tests sieve analysis specific gravity unit weight abrasion strength impact cement tests normal consistency setting time mortar tests workability strength fresh concrete tests workability destructive and nondestructive hardened concrete tests brick tests steel tests
0908201 Technical Writing and Profession Ethics 2 0420121
Practice in the writing technical reports resume presentation of technical data and effective communication frequent written exercises and development of composition skills
0908331 Structural Analysis I 3 0908203
Classifications of structures loads on structures static determinacy and indeterminacy external and internal instability equilibrium and support reactions principle of superposition analysis of plane and space trusses analysis of beams and frames shear bending moment and qualitative deflected shape deflection of beams and frames by geometric and energy methods deflection of trusses by virtual work method influence lines for beams frames and trusses by equilibrium method application of influence lines
0908332 Structural Analysis II 3 0908331
Analysis of statically indeterminate structures method of consistent deformations three moment equation evaluation of fixed end moments slopedeflection equations moment distribution method and drawing influence lines of statically indeterminate structures
0908341 Surveying 3 0101104
Principles of surveying units of measurements plotting scale and map scale linear measurements leveling directions measurement of angles and its tools plane coordinates system contour lines traversing errors and adjustments areas and volumes global positioning systems
0908342 Surveying Lab 1 0908341
Surveying equipment pacing and taping leveling differential leveling measurement of horizontal angles measurement of vertical angles traverse layout contour lines topographic mapping total station
0908352 Environmental Engineering 3 0201143
Environmental systems mass balance and reactors water and wastewater sources types of water pollution treatment air sources air pollution and control hazardous and nonhazardous solid waste sources collection treatment disposal environmental impacts and alternatives
0908353 Hydraulics 3 0908202
Basic principles of fluid mechanics applied to practical problems in hydraulic engineering hydraulics of pipe networks water hammer open channels in uniform and nonuniform flows reservoirs and flow measurement devices along with hydraulics machines as pumps
0908355 Engineering solutions programming 3 0909101
(3 credit hours, fifth year level). The course is software skills and applications in the field of civil engineering and training for the student to use one or more of the engineering programs in different fields of civil engineering (roads, transportation, water and environment, construction and geotechnical)
0908356 Water and Environment lab 1 0908452
Properties of fluids Hydrostatic principles Open channel flow Impact of a jet Buoyancy flotation and stability of floating bodies JAR TEST Biochemical oxygen demand Chemical oxygen demand Residual chlorine Chloride Acidity Alkalinity
0908361 Geotechnical Engineering 3 0908221
Formation composition and structure of soils index properties of soils soil classification soil compaction flow in porous media one dimensional and two dimensional flow soil stresses geostatic and effective stresses distribution of stresses due to surface applied loads consolidation theory and timerate of consolidation shear strength of soils and shear strength tests
0908362 Geotechnical Engineering Lab 1 0908361
Visual classification of soil moisture content organic content sieve analysis hydrometer test Atterbergs limits compaction insitu field density permeability consolidation direct shear test triaxial test
0908433 Reinforced Concrete I 3 0908331
Flexural analysis and design of beams singly reinforced rectangular beams doubly reinforced rectangular beams Tbeams shear and diagonal tension bond anchorage and development length analysis and design of edge supported slabs design of compression members
0908434 Reinforced Concrete II 3 0908433
Analysis and design of RC columns analysis and design of shallow foundations analysis and design of torsion in beams analysis and design of twoway slabs analysis and design of staircases
0908435 Steel Structures Design 3 0908331
Loads on steel structures design of tension members design of compression members design of beams design of beamcolumns and design of connections
0908441 Traffic and Transportation Engineering 3 0908341
Concepts traffic flow parameters speed volumes density time headway gap and followup time fundamental of transportation car following theory queuing theory capacities and level of service freeways multilane highways weaving sections uncontrolled intersections signalized intersections roundabouts and pedestrians facilities
0908451 Water Engineering 3 0908353
Hydrologic cycle and the hydrologic budget soil moisture groundwater Darcys law well hydraulics runoff processes hydrographs watershed characteristics applications in water resources and environmental engineering
0908452 Wastewater Engineering 3 0908352
Application of chemical biological and physical principles to the analysis and design of treatment processes for drinking water industrial process water municipal wastewater and water reuse applications
0908461 Projects Management and Value Engineering 3 0910361
Principles and characteristics of engineering project management criteria and methods of project selection project activity planning and performing Work Breakdown Structure project planning and scheduling
Critical Path Method and its use in scheduling techniques use project management software
0908462 Foundation Engineering 3 0908361
Review of rocks types and origin of soil review of soil mechanics subsoil exploration site investigation shallow foundations bearing capacity special cases in foundation design foundation design on rocks foundation settlement elastic and consolidation lateral earth pressure retaining walls deep foundations pile foundations soil improvement
0908401 Engineering Practical Training 3
The student has to spend at least 8 weeks of civil engineering training at recognized companies and establishments during the summer semester
0908562 Soil Retaining Structures 3 0908462
Earth pressure theories graphical techniques lateral pressure due to external loads compaction pressures wall flexibility determination of soil parameters design of anchored sheetpile walls design of cofferdams design of gravity and reinforced concrete cantilever walls design of reinforced earth retaining walls
0908544 Airport and Railing Engineering 3 0908541
Railroad services passenger services fright services railroad planning Roadway design survey soil study and subgrade roadway elements design section of rail stress in rail rail joints cross ties turnouts switches crossing Locomotive characteristics signal and signaling
0908531 Bridge Engineering 3 0908434
Materials of bridge construction bridge loads and design philosophy design of reinforced concrete bridges design of prestressed concrete bridges design of steel bridges design of plategirder and continuous steel beam bridges inspection rehabilitation and maintenance of bridges bridgetype selection criteria
0908532 Reinforce concrete 3 3 0908434
Constituent materials short and longterm properties partial prestressing flexural behavior analysis and design of prestressed concrete beams classes cracking pretensioning posttensioning service load design load balancing strength design strain limits flexural efficiency bond transfer and development lengths anchorage zone design shear and diagonal tension evaluation of immediate and longterm losses composite construction and design shearfriction theory deflection calculation using approximate single time step approach
0908546 Photogrammetry 3 0908341
Photogrammetry and geodesy using cameras and imagebased measurements digital images computations parallax and its relationship with elevations geometric concepts of image layout analogue analytical and digital imaging techniques
0908541 Highway Engineering 3 0908441
Geometric design concepts for highway and railways roads classification design criteria sight distance horizontal and vertical alignment cross section elements superelevation intersection design drainage practical applications
0908542 Pavement Design 3 0908441
Pavement types and structural design stress and strain calculations design of flexible and rigid pavement pavement materials aggregate and asphalt physical properties and tests volumetric analysis and design of asphalt mixes pavement distresses identifications and maintenance managements
0908545 Highway Maintenance 3 0908542
Management procedures for highway maintenance projects project level and network level paved networks and their branches sections and sample units to prioritize and manage maintenance and rehabilitation processes distress survey of paved areas Pavement Condition Index scoring method overview of maintenance and rehabilitation methods
0908543 Pavement Lab 1 0908542
Coarse and fine aggregates tests specific gravity and absorption asphalt tests penetration softening point flash point viscosity skid resistance testing asphalt extraction from cores
0908551 Design of Water Resources Systems 3 0908451
Systems approach in water resources engineering processes hydrologic processes rainfallrunoff modeling flood and stormwater control reservoirs groundwater flow application and interface of computer models in a practical application calibration and validation
0908552 Water and Wastewater Network Design 3 0908452
Application of fundamental engineering science to the design of comprehensive water supply and sewer systems of domestic and industrial water supplies both sanitary sewer and storm drain including all necessary pump station design
0908571 Specifications and Quantity Survey 3 0908433
Introduction to Specifications Contracts and Quantity Survey Types of construction contracts and their obligations to Engineers Contractors and Clients Building items including structural architectural mechanical electrical and exterior works items General and particular technical specifications of building items Methods of preparation of quantity surveying of different project items
0908561 Advanced Soil Mechanics 3 0908361
Shear strength theory and testing lateral earth pressure theory external stability analysis of retaining structures design of geosynthetic reinforced retaining structures slope stability analysis and soil improvement techniques
0908501 Graduation Project I 1
A supervised project in groups of normally two students aimed at providing practical experience in some aspect of civil and infrastructure engineering Students are expected to complete a literature survey project specification critical analysis and to acquire the necessary material needed for their intended end product
0908502 Graduation Project II 2 0908501
This is a continuity of the final project I consequently the students are expected to successfully accomplish the final year project in the specified field of project I
0908503 Special Topic 3
Vary with nature of selected topic that is of special interest to undergraduates May be repeated for maximum 6 credits if topics are substantially different which is subjected to departmental approval