Excellence in nursing education, scientific research and community service at both the local and regional levels.


Work according to standards of high academic quality that prepare nurses who are qualified and equipped with information and nursing skills necessary to provide holistic nursing care, community service, and to achieve competitive advantage at both local and regional levels and support scientific research.


1 Introducing new nursing specialties based on the local and regional health needs for undergraduate and graduate levels within the possibilities available in accordance with the accreditation standards for these programs.
2 Develop the student’s skills of logical and analytical thinking while providing nursing care for their patients.
3 Motivate faculty members to participate in scientific research through the formation of research teams with the participation of students
4 Motivate faculty members to participate in local, regional and international conferences and conduct research based on the priorities of scientific research in the Ministry of Health and the Jordanian Nursing Council.
5 Encourage faculty members and students to participate in scientific meetings, and student creativity forums in the university campus and beyond.
6 Identify the health needs of the community by conducting health surveys.
7 Cooperate with the associations and health organizations in the provision of care to the local community through health education seminars and free health screening days.