Conferences and Scientific Achievements:

The Deanship of Faculty of Business at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan supports scientific research and encourages its faculty members to participate in local regional and international conferences.

The College holds an International Annual conference. The topic is chosen from economic, financial, managerial, marketing, and accounting issues which are deemed important for the Jordanian economy in particular and the Arab economy in general.

The Deanship encourages the participation of the faculty and researchers from both Arab and foreign Universities, public and private sectors, and research and training institutions, at these scientific conferences.

ISSN: 2231-8275



The Title of the Conference Year
Informatics & Its Role in the Arab Economies 2001
Information Technology & Its Role in the Economic Development 2002
E-Business in the Arab World 2003
Knowledge Management in the Arab World 2004
Knowledge Economy & Economic Development 2005
Business Ethics & Knowledge Society 2006
Risk Management & Knowledge Economy 2007
Change Management & Knowledge Society 2008
Environmental Economics & Globalization 2009
Entrepreneurship Within Knowledge Society 2010
Business Intelligence and Knowledge Economy 2011
Business Intelligence and Knowledge Economy 2012
Human Capital in a Knowledge Economy
crisis management in a changing world
Innovation Management in Business 2015

Sustainability and Competitiveness in Business