Laboratory Number Supervisor Name Software programs location
1 Wafa’a Qasem Programming (C#, Visual Basic) Business School
2 Hazem Shehadeh Excel + Access Business School
3 Rania Omar SQL Plus Business School
4 Hanadi Sa’d SPSS Business School
5 Suliman Alsaweer Electronic Exams Business School
11 Mohannad Albargouti SPSS + Excel Business School
12 Mohannad Albargouti Excel Business School


Inspired by the tremendous advances in the field of Information Technology (IT) , and in an endeavor to integrate IT in the various economic and business disciplines, the Faculty of business has brought into application IT inputs to ensure the highest quality output in terms of teaching and research efforts. All Faculty departments are currently utilizing the latest technologies in the teaching process.

Through its various advanced computer and Internet facilities, the Faculty has been able to render quality services to the teaching staff and students alike. At the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences there are currently seven computer labs that are available for use in teaching and research for all the departments. A number of highly relevant soft wares such as DSS, SPSS, Stat Graf, Crystal Ball, Decision Pro, Premium Solver, and QM3 for windows, GLP, and Win.QSB are being practically applied to real business cases covering all business disciplines taught by the various departments. Opera & Gallilo programs are currently being used for teaching Hospitality & Tourism Management. Additionally, the latest Microsoft programs are used for instruction. It is important to note that the Management Information Systems Department teaches the latest programming languages: Visual Basic 6, Visual C++, and Visual .Net and teaches ASP, JAFA for designing internet websites

The Students enjoy access to international information networks, thus enabling them to communicate with their colleagues worldwide.

The Faculty labs are also used for instruction, especially for courses requiring application such as e-business, e-marketing and e-commerce.Internet facilities are available so that each member of the teaching staff and students can benefit from the wealth of IT, the age of the internet and the digital economy. The internet facilities are used for research, projects and updating information. The University and the Faculty are determined to ensure the highest quality teaching and research through the most optimal utilization of the latest technological advances in the economic and business fields