Quality Assurance in the Faculty:

Dr. Mohammed Lutfi Ashour

Dean Assistant for Quality Assurance


The Quality Assurance Office – Faculty of Business

The Quality Assurance Office in the Faculty of Business was established in the 2004/2005 scholastic year. It was developed and prepared with all the necessary communication, documentation and assessment methods necessary for continuous learning and development. The Faculty QA Office is part of the University and Faculty intranet to insure accurate documentation of all Quality Assurance issues. 

Responsibilities of the Dean Assistant for Quality Assurance 

  • Preparing the Faculty Quality Assurance guide, procedures, and forms and distributing them to all Faculty employees, with continuous development and improvement.
  • Insuring correct use of procedures and documents and focusing on effectiveness through periodic internal auditing of faculty, committees and councils.
  • Performing internal appraisals on the Faculty to discover and take corrective action on any discrepancies found.
  • Actively participating and documenting all meetings of the Quality Assurance Committee in the Faculty, and presenting periodic reports.
  • Actively participating in the Academic Quality Assurance Executive Committee of the University. Receiving all guidance and instructions from the University Committee on Quality Assurance and preparing periodic reports to be presented. Participating in insuring the correct implementation of all University Quality Assurance directives, standards and procedures.
  • Developing and communicating a quality culture in the Faculty through meetings, conferences, studies and participation in Quality Assurance workshops inside and outside of the University.
  • Guiding the production and placement of wall boards and brochures regarding the adoption of quality assurance standards in the Faculty with clear representation of the Faculty mission, vision and objectives for all employees and students to see.
  • Seeking continuous feedback from specialists, administrative employees, teaching staff and local community on quality assurance issues related to the Faculty.                        .