Prof. Saad K. Yaseen

Dean of the Faculty of Business


Welcome to Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan’s Faculty of Business. Our Faculty provides a variety of offerings. We have seven departments and our students are given all the educational opportunities that are essential for their future success. Our departments include: Business Administration, Accounting (Arabic and English), Banking and Finance, Marketing, Tourism Management, Economic Sciences and Management Information Systems (MIS). We offer evening classes in Accounting in Arabic and Business Administration to provide opportunities for students that are currently working and wish to continue their education.

I am very proud to announce that we have three Master’s Programs Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master in Accounting, and Master in Marketing that are being offered to students who wish to further their education. It is an exceptional, challenging and truly distinguished program.

Your work and experience in the classroom will prepare you to take part in becoming the business leaders of the future. Our teaching faculty is outstanding. Through their research and accomplishments, they are actively involved in shaping the disciplines they teach.

As you browse through our study plans, you will notice that we have made suggestions for courses to be taken by first and second year students. It has been our experience that the socialization process is made much easier for students if they follow our recommendations. Be assured that the Dean’s office and the offices of all Department Heads are available to aid you in any guidance for course selection. Choosing wisely will make your educational experience more satisfying and productive.

I want your experience at the Faculty of Business at Al-Zaytoonah University to be rewarding and above all successful.