Graduate Studies in Faculty :

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Accounting
  • Master of Marketing

At Alzaytoonah, we differentiate ourselves by encouraging participation in our MBA program from students of different specialties and backgrounds such as Statistics, Physics, Computer Science, Pharmacy, Math’s, Engineering and other non-business majors.

The MBA program encourages scientific research in business with a focus on innovation and development to aid in problem solving and sustainable business development.

The MBA program encourages the development of communication channels with local and regional communities with a view to establishing long term, lucrative partnerships.

The MBA program also offers an excellent quality education to students with different abilities and backgrounds.

The MBA program offers student a choice between two options, either a comprehensive exam or a thesis track.

The comprehensive exam is targeted to those students who want to obtain broader knowledge from more courses, and the thesis track is developed for students who want to continue their higher education (Ph.D) or want to research specific problems in their organizations.

Our current students come from Jordanian and Arab Universities and from the public sector including ministries and government agencies and also from the private sector including banks, insurance companies, financial markets, hospitals, the tourism industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

In Addition, we are much honored that the ministry of higher Education has given us the permission to provide a of Accounting and Master of Marketing.

The mission of Master’s Programs is to educate students who make a difference through excellent academic knowledge and research.