Laboratories for Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

  • Engineering Workshops(Supervisor: Eng. Abdel Elah Bashayreh): It covers Carpentry, Welding, electrical installations, model making through milling and lathe.

  • Engineering Drawing (Supervisor: Eng. Shahnaz Al-Khaleel):This course of study aims to teach students the necessary techniques of preparing engineering drawings, reading and interpreting a drawing, and solving three dimensional engineering problems that require the application of graphical analysis using computer aided design and modeling in 2 and 3 dimensions.

  • Strength of Materials Lab. (Supervisor: Eng. Osama Badawi):This laboratory serves mainly the measuring and/or determination of some material properties (strain and stress, yield stress, ultimate stress, fracture stress). Nondestructive testing of materials (NDT), micro and macro examination of materials and phase diagrams for steel. It is equipped with machines for conducting tests, such as: Tension, impact fatigue, bending, creep, hardness, and photo elasticity tests.

  • Engineering Measurements Lab. (Supervisor: Eng. Osama Badawi):Experimental methods on the following systems: pressure measurement, flow measurement, temperature measurement, strain gauges, strain rosettes.

  • Thermodynamics Lab. (Supervisor: Eng. Huda Bazzari):Experimental methods in the following : Mechanical equivalent of heat; The adiabatic exponent; Marcet boiler; Bomb calorimeter; Flow through nozzle; Refrigeration system; Air conditioning system; Heat pump and air cooler; single stage air compressor; cooling tower; Thermic unit (steam turbine power plant).

  • Fluid Mechanics Lab. (Supervisor: Eng. Duaa Khamees):Experimental methods in the following systems: center of pressure; impulse momentum principle; pumps, friction losses in pipes, stream lines and flow fields, buoyancy and boundary layer theory, Radial flow fan, Water turbine, Flow measurement.

  • Heat Transfer Lab. (Supervisor: Eng. Huda Bazzari):Experimental work in heat transfer covering: Measurement of thermal conductivity, Natural and forced convection, Radiation, Boiling and condensation. Heat exchangers.

  • Control of  Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Lab. (Supervisor: Eng. Osama Badawi):The lab consists of experiments that are related to: fluid power systems design control and operation. Fundamentals of fluid flow, modeling and n port concepts, fluid power modulation, static and dynamic modeling of pumps, motor, control valves, transmission lines and fluid drives. It also deals with design control and operation of mechanical and electrical hydraulic servodrives with feedback. Emphasis is placed on linear hydraulic systems behavior. Moreover, The lab consists of experiments that are related to: First and second order system analysis control experiments. Servo systems. Stability of dynamical systems. System identification. Design and tuning of a PID controller in closed loop systems. Simulation of systems using Simulink or Matlab.


  • Mechanical Vibrations lab (Supervisor: Eng. Nezar Qdah):Static & dynamic balancing, centrifugal force, simple & compound pendulum, bifilar suspension, mass spring system, damping coefficient and logarithmic decrement. center of percussion, kater’s reversible pendulum, torsional free vibrations, resonance response of a single degree of freedom system. Base
    excitation and vibration isolation.


  • Manufacturing Processes Lab. (Supervisor: Eng. Osama Badawi):Laboratory experiments dealing with basic material processing operations and its manufacturing techniques. Casting, CNC .