ME Capstone Design Projects

 Spring 2018

No Project Title Supervisor Students
1 Desalination of water using solar energy Dr. Nabeel Abu Shaban Hani Othman
Showkat Alqenah
Suhiab Aldmour
Mahmoud Nabhan
2 Design of High-Efficiency Nozzle Wind Turbine Dr. Malik Al-amayreh Abed Al-Mohsen
Saleh Mohammad Nael
Amjad Abu Dayah
Mohammad Jweihan
Hamed Albayari
3 Designing And Building a Photovoltaic Cleaning System Dr. Ahmad Manasrah Ibrahim Alkhawaja
Bashar Al Qayda
Atallah Albadawi
4 Energy saving and Performance Enhancement of Industrial Refrigeration Cabinets and Cold Rooms Dr. Nabeel Abu Shaban Emad Haseeba
Yousef Salah
Ahmad Salem
Jehad Al Kharraz
5 Designing a Robotic Solar Panel Cleaner Dr. Ahmad Manasrah Ahmad Hajeer
Mahmoud Abo Msallam
Mahmoud Hassan




No Project Title Supervisor Students
1 Solar Thermochemical Gasification of Oil Shale for the Production of Syngas Fuel Dr. Malik Amaireh Hamzeh, Talal, Iyas and Anas
2 Wind Energy Dr. Ahmad Al Aboushi Ahmad Alshwabkeh, Ahmad Maher, shaaban and Abdullah Alqiam
3 Design a Double- Reduction Gear Train to an Assembly Conveyor Dr. Taha Tabaza Abdull rahman and Ahmad Jamoos
4 3D-printer Delta Robot Kinematics Dr. Taha Tabaza Amer Karageh and Moaid Abu-hejleh
5 Generating Pressurized Steam from Direct Burning of Biomass Dr.Jameel ALasfar Mohammad Al-salmi
6 The Energy – Saving Effects of Ground – Capsuled Heat Pump System Integrated with Borehole Free Cooling Dr. Malik Amaireh Amer and Feisal
7 Photo voltaic Dr. Ahmad Al Aboushi Khalid and Ali abu-swailm
8 3D-printer Delta Robot Kinematics Dr. Taha Tabaza Ahmed Shelbaih
9 Modification Caliper Of Brake System Dr. Taha Tabaza Anas, Moaz and Ayman
10 Design of a Solar Auto Tracking System Dr. Taha Tabaza Ahmad alafghany and Nezar alqdah
11 Design and Simulation of Power Plant of By PTC Systems Dr. Nabil Abdel-Fattah Abu Shaaban Basaam and mohammad saleh
12 Fire Fighting System Design for complex buildings Dr. Nabil Abdel-Fattah Abu Shaaban Haitham
13 Design and Manufacturing of Forward Extrusion Die Dr. Nabil Abdel-Fattah Abu Shaaban Abdullah Mansoor