Department Vision

Towards a faculty rival in the field of nursing education, scientific research and community service.

 Department Mission

Employ academic standards and quality assurance in the application of modern teaching and learning methods to provide the labor market with nurses with professional competencies and have the ability of leadership, innovation, and creativity through proper planning and partnership with leading local and international institutions in the field of scientific research and sustainable development in the community.

Goals of the  Department

  • Review the executive plan of the strategic plan periodically in line with the vision of the college and its mission and values.
  • Ensure the integrity, transparency and effectiveness of the decisions of the governing councils of the faculty.
  • Develop specialized programs in nursing, continuous development of study plans and adoption of modern teaching and learning methods to suit the requirements of the labor market.
  • Encourage applied scientific research within national priorities and recommendations of the Jordanian Nursing Council and focus on creativity, leadership and innovation.
  • Employ financial and material resources and qualifying human resources and directing them towards activities in the faculty.
  • Continuous improvement of students’ services and raise the level of job competition for students in the labor market and activate the mechanisms of communication with graduate students.
  • Enhance the role of the faculty in social responsibility in the field of health for different groups of society in partnership with the relevant institutions locally and internationally, which contributes to sustainable development.
  • Seek quality assurance certificates and achieve advanced positions in local and international classifications.