Vision Statement:
To become the leading educational and research institution in the field of Business both locally and regionally.
Mission Statement:
Working according to high academic and professional quality standards leading to preparing and educating students with the knowledge and technology necessary for them to meet the new developments in the fields of economics and finance and administrative sciences and serve the local and regional market demands.
  1. Providing students with learning opportunities commensurate with their capabilities, interests, and abilities to excel and be creative.
  2. Achieving continuous improvement in the Faculty academic specialties commensurate with the needs of the work environment and job opportunities.
  3. Ensuring international quality assurance standards for graduates.
  4. Providing the most recent international books,  publications and teaching  materials available in international universities
  5. Benchmarking with Jordanian universities to ensure excellence in the teaching staff and teaching process for the Faculty and all its departments.
  6. Increasing depth and breadth of the graduate studies program in the Faculty and the different departments and benchmarking to develop new programs that would meet future needs in the work environment.
  7. Enhancing and encouraging scientific research in the Faculty and supporting this through continuing the annual academic conference and other scientific workshops.
  8. Motivating the sense of responsibility and patriotism among students and faculty.
  9. Strengthening links between the Faculty, the job environment and the local community and aiding in solving local problems through mutually developed scientific research and provision of different consultations.
  10. Insuring that all the accreditation requirements of the Ministry from the public and private sector are met.
  11. Strengthening Arabic cultural values and heritage for the students and faculty members.
  12. Strengthening links with other universities and Arab and international scientific societies in order to gain noticeable continuous advancement in the arts, sciences and technology.
  13. Directing talented students towards constructive work and commitment to future development and learning.
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