Definition of office of quality credit:

     The office was established in 2011, the year at which the University adopted the principle of quality credit. The office was well-constructed and was provided with May equipments of communication and in the internet. A manager faculty teaching staff member has been appointed to head the office. The office is a connecting link between the committee of quality credit and other academic departments in the faculty. The office follows up all issues of quality credit via.


Quality credit manager's missions:
  1. Preparing quality credit program, samples and procures of documenting quality credit systems, and working to distribute them all over the University employees.
  2. Following up how to use these samples and procedures and ensuring that they are highly committees, administrations and councils,
  3. Checking up internally the faculty components in order to unveil any different state and trying to remove them.
  4. There should be an active participation in the meetings held by quality credit committee and these meetings have to be documented in addition to follow up the committee's decisions and to present periodically, reports.
  5. An active participation should be there in meetings of the quality credit executive committee so as to credit the University quality academically. Moreover, instructions and directions should be received from the committee in credit to achieve a degree of co operation in attempt to apply systems, directions and standards of quality.
  6. Working out to widespread the quality culture in the University throughout attending meetings and symposiums.
  7. Working out constantly and periodically to canvass the faculty teaching staff's, specialists and employees opinions as to what is going on in the faculty about instructions, and scientific activities.


Contact us:

    Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan / faculty of law / Building No. (8) Office No.: (305) Telephone:  00962 6 4291511     Fax: 00962 6 4291432


Quality credit manager:

    Dr. Hisham Hamed Al-Kasasbeh / Jordanian nationality / D.O.B: 1980

    He has been working in the University since 2013

    Field of specialization: law Department: law


Relevant experience :

  1. Manager of quality credit office in the faculty dated 16/10/2014.
  2.  Member of the faculty council for the academic year 2014/2015.
  3.  Member of the committee of cultural, social and sport activities.
  4.  Member of the commission of inquiry into irregularities in college.


The faculty achievement of quality credit:

  1. The faculty succeeded in the completion of al- Hussein Box for creativity in 2006. It scored 21/24 for the first time.
  2. The faculty teaching staff's participation in the workshops of the quality credit.
  3. Developing and updating study programs continuously in line with the requirements of ministry of higher education, and the community needs.
  4.  Finding a distinctive educational and teaching the staff who teach both the theoretical and practical sides of law. This can be done effectively by appointing highly- qualified professors in the faculty.
  5. Providing all types of new book and other scientific sources. Moreover, there should a participation in the lawful programs available in the electronic sites.
  6. A pre-graduate training is of great importance on the part of students. It can be highly achieved when practical courses are greatly activated in the moc-court.
  7. There should be a lasting contact with the local community, and lawful consults have to be presented for those who are in need. The study program should also be under the specialist's consideration so as to estimate it.
  8. Attempts should be made to build up an integral system for the quality credit in the faculty; this can be done when procedures of applying systems and adopting the University instruction are prior.
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