Patent Application Procedure:

  • The inventor shall submit his / her patent registration application using Form No. QF21 / 7501 approved by the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies in order to start filing applications for intellectual property protection with the concerned authorities
  • The inventor or should complete the application and he should attach the following documents in Arabic and English:

a. Technical document of the invention:

 It consists of the following independent documents:

i. Detailed description

ii. Claims

iii. Abstract

iv. Drawings if needed

b. Certificate of registration of the company or institution or a copy of the contract of incorporation, for the legal representative of the inventor.

c. Agency’s mandate or authorization duly certified.

d. A copy of the previous application (priority), the documents attached, a certificate showing the date of submission (filing), the number of its deposit, and the country in which it was deposited.

e. Certificate issued for the temporary protection of inventions that are presented at official exhibitions, if any.

f. Oath on the declaration of invention.


When applying for a patent

  • The technical document of the invention must be accompanied by the full text of the invention in any language immediately upon submission of the application
  • The applicant or his / her intellectual property agent shall make a commitment to provide the other documents required above within sixty days from the date of submission of the application.
  • Abstract, detailed description, protection elements and drawings should be delivered in Arabic and English. The rest of the documents are sufficient if they are in Arabic. If delivered in English, they must be translated into Arabic. If delivered in any other language, they should be translated into Arabic and English.
  • The applicant / agent must specify a clear address including postal and postal code to be communicated for correspondence purposes.
  • The inventor or innovator undertakes that all the information provided in the request for disclosure is correct and that intellectual property is one of their creations and not shared by any other person within or outside the university.
  • The inventor or innovator undertakes that he did not disclose the patent or any part thereof before submitting the application and that he will not disclose the invention before the application is registered.
  • The initial research on the patent is carried out by the Office of Technology Transfer in terms of novelty, innovation and industrial applicability, and is entitled to use third parties under agreements prepared for this purpose.
  • In the event that the University wishes to proceed with the protection of intellectual property, the Office of Technology Transfer will manage the affairs of the filing process and prepare the required technical and legal documents in cooperation with the university’s industrial property registration agent registered under the provisions of the Jordanian Patent Law Third parties under agreements prepared for this purpose.
  • Prior to the entitlement to any fees to maintain or renew intellectual property rights applications filed or granted, the Office shall inform the Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies in writing of the entitlement of such fees and shall attach the report of the stage reached by the intellectual property in the process of the lease, not less than two months from the date Merit.